Our children’s lives have an increasingly digital nature. The games they play with, the way they communicate with friends and family and the adult world they will emerge into are driven by the same technologies. We want the children at our school to have a growing understanding of how these technologies work and how they can be used enjoyably, creatively and safely to support their education and personal development.

We deliver an ICT & Computing curriculum which gives the children a broad range of digital experiences and technical skills; these become progressively more challenging as they move through the school. The children’s growing digital abilities are then used to support cross-curricular teaching and learning. Children move on to their secondary school as confident and experienced users of the technologies that underpin their lives.


Sevenoaks Primary Skills Progression ICT & Computing


Computing is a great strength of the school and children often cite it as one of their favourite subjects. Every class has time-tabled access to the ICT suites, with classes from Key Stage 1 and 2 having two lessons a week.

ICT Online

We have an extensive software library and range of online resources which allow children to benefit from ICT in many areas. For example, children use Bug Club to improve their reading skills and My Maths and Manga High to raise the standard of their maths.

ICT using gadgets

Portable, hand-held equipment means ICT can support learning in a range of subjects. Data-logging sensors allow children to measure sound levels and temperatures digitally in science investigations – this information can be displayed live on the interactive whiteboard so the whole class can discuss what is happening. Programmable vehicles help children to understand angles and shapes. Cameras are used by children to document their work and create animations.

Children begin learning how to write instructions for controlling robots in Reception by using Beebots. As they move up the school they use more sophisticated machines and in Years 5 and 6 they work with Lego Mindstorms robots, telling them how to navigate and to stop when they run into obstacles.

What's new?

Some of the recent additions to the childrens learning include 3D digital design: in Key Stage 1 they design and make paper models of fire-engines and castles, while in Key Stage 2 they make virtual models of pyramids, canons and London buses to enrich their topic work. We have also introduced computer programming: children are learning how to tell their computer to create games and animations.

Extra curricular ICT

The ICT suites are used to run a number of clubs: in lunchtimes we currently have one for Sketchup 3D design, Photoshop and Minecraft. After school there is a Code Club where older children learn more advance programming.