Science at Sevenoaks Primary School has a playful, enquiry-based approach which clearly relates to real life and children’s naturally inquisitive minds and desire to find the answer to big questions. Chances to investigate and explore, using high quality resources and real experiences when available and recording and sharing in fun ways, are embedded in lessons so that the children are always working practically to expand their awareness of the world around them and develop a life-long love of science. Opportunities to use scientific language are constantly encouraged, as are the chances for the children to reflect on the importance of science to both their current and future lives.  

Sevenoaks Primary Skills Progression in Science


At Sevenoaks Primary we help children learn their best through observing, questioning and exploring the world around them. They do not have to come up with all the answers (scientists always have more questions than answers) and their experiments don’t have to always lead anywhere (Darwin got his son to play the bassoon at worms, and Isaac Newton spent a lot of time trying to turn lead into gold).

To help them with their investigations (whatever these might be) we teach the methods and reasoning that they need and, just like science in the real world, we encourage them to talk and learn from each other.

So Science is about fun and questions whether we are finding out which fruits and vegetables float or sink; trying to grow a seed upside down; or putting a jacket on a small snowman to see if it really does stop it melting!



Water Filtration Investigation

Exploring ways of filtering dirty pond water.

Parts of flowering plants

Investigating parts of flowering plants.

Human Teeth Model

Making accurate models of human teeth.


Friction Experiment

Testing friction levels of different Materials.


Measuring the force of gravity pulling objects to the ground.