Diary Dates 2021 - 2022



Monday 27th                                      Foundation Stage start full time

Monday 27th - Thursday 30th        Year 6 Blackland Farm trip


Wednesday 6th                                Year 1 Open Afternoon - 2pm

Thursday 7th                                     New Parents’ Open Morning

Tuesday 12th                                     Year 1 Walk to The Vine

Wednesday 13th                               Foundation Stage Open Afternoon - 2pm

Friday 15th                                         Music Recital - 3.30-4.30pm

Saturday 16th                                    SPSA Comedy Night

Monday 18th                                      Foundation Stage and Year 6 Parent Consultations

                                                            Foundation Stage Parent Phonics Sessions – 2pm

Tuesday 19th                                     Foundation Stage and Year 6 Parent Consultations (late night)

Wednesday 20th                              Foundation Stage and Year 6 Parent Consultations

Thursday 21st                                    Foundation Stage and Year 6 Parent Consultations

                                                            Last Day of Term

Friday 22nd                                        Inset Day (no children in school)


Monday 1st                                         First Day of Term

Friday 5th                                           SPSA Halloween Disco

Monday 8th                                       Year 1-5 Parent Consultations

Tuesday 9th                                      Year 1-5 Parent Consultations (late night)

Wednesday 10th                               Year 1-5 Parent Consultations

                                                             Individual Photos

Thursday 11th                                    Year 1-5 Parent Consultations

                                                            Year 5 Walk to St John’s Church

                                                            New Parents’ Open Morning

Friday 12th                                         Foundation Stage Trip to Bedgebury

Friday 19th                                         Whole School Flu Vaccination

Friday 26th                                       Year 3 Trip to The Observatory Science Centre,                                                                          Herstmonceux

Saturday 27th                                   SPSA Xmas Bazaar


Wednesday 1st                                 Year 4 Roman Day (in school)

Tuesday 7th                                      Tigers Nativity – 9.30am

                                                            2B/1A Nativity – 2.15pm

Wednesday 8th                                Lions Nativity – 9.30am

                                                            2A/1B Nativity – 2.15pm

Thursday 9th                                     Leopards Nativity – 9.30am

                                                            2C/1C Nativity – 2.15pm

Friday 10th                                         New Parents’ Open Morning

                                                            Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

                                                            Clubs Finish

Monday 13th                                      Year 2 visit to St Johns’

Tuesday 14th                                     Foundation Stage and KS1 Christmas Lunch

                                                            KS2 Christmas Party

Wednesday 15th                               KS2 Christmas Lunch

                                                            Foundation Stage and KS1 Christmas Party

Friday 17th                                         Year 3/4 Carol Service at St Johns – 10am

                                                            Year 5/6 Carol Service at St Johns – 2pm

                                                            Last Day of Term


Tuesday 4th                                       First Day of Term

                                                            Year 2 Pirate Day (in school)

Monday 10th                                      Clubs start

Wednesday 12th                               Year 3 Egyptian Day (in school)

Wednesday 19th                              3B Class Assembly - 9:15am

Wednesday 26th                              3A Class Assembly – 9.15am

Thursday 27th                                   5B & 5C Trip to Knole House

Friday 28th                                         5A Trip to Knole House


Wednesday 2nd                              3C Class Assembly – 9.15am

Friday 4th                                          Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

Monday 7th                                      2B Pirate Day (in school)

Tuesday 8th                                     2A & 2C Pirate Day (in school)

Wednesday 9th                               2C Class Assembly – 9.15am

Thursday 10th                                   Open Evening – 6-8.30pm

Friday 11th                                          Last Day of Term

Monday 21st                                      First Day of Term

Wednesday 23rd                             2B Class Assembly – 9.15am

Monday 28th                                    Foundation Stage and Year 6 Parent Consultations


Tuesday 1st                                       Foundation Stage and Year 6 Parent Consultations

Wednesday2nd                               2A Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                            Foundation Stage and Year 6 Parent Consultations

Thursday 3rd                                    Foundation Stage and Year 6 Parent Consultations (late night)

Saturday 5th                                    SPSA Barn Dance

Monday 14th - Friday 18th              Science Week in School

Wednesday 16th                              4B Class Assembly – 9.15am

Monday 21st                                      Year 1-5 Parent Consultations

Tuesday 22nd                                   Year 1-5 Parent Consultations

Wednesday 23rd                             Year 1-5 Parent Consultations

Thursday 24th                                  Year 1-5 Parent Consultations (late night)

Friday 25th                                        Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

Monday 28th                                    Year 2 SATS Parents’ Meeting – 2.30pm

                                                            Foundation Stage Godstone Farm trip

Wednesday 30th                             Year 4 Viking Day trip


Friday 1st                                            Last Day of Term

Saturday 2nd                                    SPSA Egg Hunt

Tuesday 19th                                     First Day of Term

Wednesday 20th                             Fire Safety Talks from Kent Fire Service - Years 1-6 (in school)

Wednesday 27th                              1A Class Assembly – 9.15am


Monday 2nd                                     Public Holiday (no children in school)

Wednesday 4th                               1B Class Assembly – 9.15am

Wednesday 11th                               1C Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                           Year 3 Butser Ancient Farm trip

Friday 13th                                         SPSA Disco

Monday 16th                                     Year 4 Horton Kirby trip

Wednesday 18th                              4C Class Assembly – 9.15am

Friday 20th                                        Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

Monday 23rd                                    Year 2 Great Fire of London workshop (in school)

Wednesday 25th                             4A Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                            Year 1 Leeds Castle trip

Thursday 26th                                  3B Class Assembly – 9.15am

Friday 27th                                        Last Day of Term


Monday 6th                                      Inset day (no children in school)

Tuesday 7th                                      First Day of term

Friday 10th                                         Year 5/6 Sleepover

Thursday 16th                                   Class Photos

Saturday 18th                                   SPSA Campout

Wednesday 22nd                            1C trip to Bore Place

Thursday 23rd                                  1A and 1B trip to Bore Place


Saturday 2nd                                    SPSA Summer Fair

Wednesday 6th                               Sports’ Day – Year 3/4 am

                                                                                 – Year 5/6 pm

Thursday 7th                                     Sports Day – Year 1/2 am

                                                                                 – Foundation Stage pm

Friday 8th                                          Meet the Year 2 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                            Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

                                                            Clubs finish

Monday 11th                                      Meet the Year 1 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

Tuesday 12th                                    Meet the Year 4 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                           Year 6 Production - 6A

Wednesday 13th                             Meet the Year 3 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                           Year 6 Production - 6B

Thursday 14th                                  Meet the Year 5 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                           Year 6 Production - 6C

Friday 15th                                        Meet the Year 6 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                           Leavers’ Disco

Wednesday 20th                            Open Afternoon – 3.30-4.30pm

Thursday 21st                                  6A Leavers’ Assembly – 9am

                                                          6B Leavers’ Assembly – 10am

                                                          6C Leavers’ Assembly – 11am

                                                          Last Day of Term