In view of the extended time out of school for some of our pupils and the social, emotional changes they have experienced, we are adapting our approaches as needed on an individual case by case basis. This means that although we have a thorough, detailed risk assessment, we are aware that adjustments may need to be made to accommodate the needs of children for whom the new school year is more of a challenge.  This may impact how a child comes into school, what support a child is offered during the school day and what additional resources might be offered in order to ensure each child feels safe and happy.

Communication with parents and carers is key to a successful transition back into school at this time. We therefore welcome contact  and we hope then to work together collaboratively for the best outcome for each child. Please email .

There are additional training courses being offered to both school staff and parents at the moment and we are keen to access these in order to best support the children.

Please see our policy and information for detailed information on our schools approach and offer.


For information on the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS) available for Sevenoaks District please see STLS Information for parents and carers leaflet.

More information can be found on the Kent SEND Offer website and the SEND strategy can be found here.