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Sevenoaks Primary School

SevenOaksPrimary School

‘We are all equal and our teachers are all kind’ (Pupil quote)-– Ofsted 2017
Pupils are proud of their school and enthusiastic about their learning-Ofsted 2017
Pupils feel safe and said that they trust there is always an adult they can go to if they feel concerned-Ofsted 2017
Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish, both academically and emotionally-Parent
We are very proud to say that our children go to Sevenoaks Primary-Parent
Pupils achieve well at this school-Ofsted 2017
Although it is a large school, a real family feel is fostered - it is palpable-Parent


Music is an integral part of life at Sevenoaks Primary School.  We believe music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children.  We provide opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and enjoy music, and to develop the skills to appreciate a wide variety of musical forms. 

Curriculum Instruction

Children at SPS are given several opportunities throughout the Phases to play and perform a variety of musical instruments.   In Year 3, children learn to play the ocarina, and perform during school events throughout the Year.  In particular, Ocarina performances form a special part of SPS Christmas celebrations.

Children in Years 4 and 5 receive ukulele instruction from a specialist instructor, complimented by weekly digital lessons.   Children in Year 5 learn to play the djembe, a hugely popular and versatile African drum.  In Year 6, children learn to play the recorder.  Throughout the year, children will be given the opportunity to perform individually and in groups.

Musical Instruments

Beyond the curriculum, SPS offers many opportunities for children to learn to play a musical instrument.  Tutors offer guitar and piano lessons after school hours, and there is a weekly ‘orchestra’ club which gives children a chance to experiment with a variety of instruments (which often include the violin, saxophone, piano, drums, ukulele and guitar).


Here at SPS, we have active school choirs within each Key Stage.  Both the KS1 and KS2 Choirs perform during events at school and in the community.  The KS2 Choir has performed in a Christmas Carol Service with the Tonbridge Concert Band.

KS2 Choir performs at Christmas Bazaar

For several years the KS2 choir has performed in the Young Voices Concert at the 02 Arena in January.  This is an amazing opportunity for children to learn how a challenging choral piece comes together with practice, rehearsal and teamwork.  The children who participate develop a strong sense of pride and self-esteem. 

SPS at the O2 Arena

Lights, Camera, Action!

Music and drama come together to provide children with several opportunities for artistic expression, allowing them to develop poise, confidence and communication skills. The Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Nativity plays certainly are a highlight of the Christmas Season. 

Class Assemblies provide another occasion for musical performances, and the weekly Phase Group singing Assemblies give children the chance to learn songs in an ensemble context, exploring pitch, harmony and rhythm.

Of course, the School Year always ends on a high note with the Year 6 production!  As well as participating in a full-scale musical which combines song, dance and drama, children are exposed to and taught about advanced concepts of music theory.

Year 6 Production of Over the Rainbow

At SPS, the halls are truly alive with the sound of music!  We hope you are able to visit us during an Open Evening or other event so you can see and hear the children celebrate the joy of music.