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Sevenoaks Primary School

SevenOaksPrimary School

‘We are all equal and our teachers are all kind’ (Pupil quote)-– Ofsted 2017
Pupils are proud of their school and enthusiastic about their learning-Ofsted 2017
Pupils feel safe and said that they trust there is always an adult they can go to if they feel concerned-Ofsted 2017
Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish, both academically and emotionally-Parent
We are very proud to say that our children go to Sevenoaks Primary-Parent
Pupils achieve well at this school-Ofsted 2017
Although it is a large school, a real family feel is fostered - it is palpable-Parent


General Ways to Help Outside of School:

  • Telling the time
  • Days of Week/Months of Year
  • Allow children to calculate shopping prices. Get them to work out the change. Allow them to complete the transaction. Can be done in restaurants, leisure activities etc.
  • When dividing up food discuss fractions (pizzas, cakes work very well)
  • How many…? Can be asked in range of circumstances; focus on +/-; use objects in the house
  • General x tables quick fire
  • Number bonds

Homework Books:

  • Introduction of crib sheets
  • Recognise that not all topics will yet have been covered

Teaching Number:

Key focus to any mathematics is the understanding of number. Pupils should be able to:

  • Read number
  • Understand what digits represent

Reading Number:

Work from the units’ column, sectioning the numbers into groups of 3. Build up the number gradually.

Eg. 4 5 2 8 3 1 9

4 5 2 8 3 1 9

4 5 2 8 3 1 9

4 5 2 8,3 1 9

4 5 2 8,3 1 9

4 5 2 8,3 1 9

4,5 2 8,3 1 9

4,5 2 8,3 1 9

Place Value:

See attached file to support with homework

Note: the decimal point is part of the place value table and does not move. Zero is a place holder.


It is very important to know x table facts. These can be used with place value to form basis to other calculations.

The grid method is a clear way to ensure the understanding of multiplication.

Online resources:

Supports with topics through quizzes, activities and information. Suitable for revision for SAT topics

General range of mathematic programmes

Interactive games that are used in school. The site does charge to go beyond the initial evaluation pages but games can still be played at this stage.

Same company as above so there is a charge to access this site fully. Home user download costs £10. However, a resource to support the teaching of the x tables, time

Interactive games aimed more at the lower level

Range of interactive games