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Sevenoaks Primary School

SevenOaksPrimary School

‘We are all equal and our teachers are all kind’ (Pupil quote)-– Ofsted 2017
Pupils are proud of their school and enthusiastic about their learning-Ofsted 2017
Pupils feel safe and said that they trust there is always an adult they can go to if they feel concerned-Ofsted 2017
Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish, both academically and emotionally-Parent
We are very proud to say that our children go to Sevenoaks Primary-Parent
Pupils achieve well at this school-Ofsted 2017
Although it is a large school, a real family feel is fostered - it is palpable-Parent

Parent Council End of Year Report 2015


Dear Parents,

Thank you for all your feedback this year.  Thank you also to the Parent Council reps, SPSA & to Mr Duffy and all the teachers & Governors for their help and support.

We have discussed School Build, Parent Consultations, Communication, Healthy School, Attitudes to School, Premises and Security.  Your feedback via Parent Council/Class Reps has truly helped to influence school matters so please continue to let us know your views.

Here it is in a nutshell;

  • The Terms of Reference for Parent Council were revised to make it clearer for parents to know what type of issues you can raise & how you can participate & help influence decisions made about the school. (Please refer to our website on the main SPS site under Parent Information).
  • 1:1 Parent Consultations; SPS listened to parent feedback & so it’s now easier to choose & book your preferred time slot on-line.
  • Bradbourne Road side access; SPS kindly agreed to re-open the gate via the Reception playground to allow a safer route for families, especially those with toddlers and prams.
  • Linked to point above, the SPS Travel Plan Group on behalf of Parent Council have been meeting throughout this year with local residents’ associations, Kent Highways and with Margaret Crabtree, a local counsellor to consider ways to make the roads around SPS safer.  Updates to follow next term.
  • New Build/General Communication coffee mornings provided with play equipment for toddlers.
  • School meals were reviewed as usual to ensure they are as healthy as possible.  Wholemeal pasta & bread was introduced & well-received.
  • Feedback was received about homework & requests for more detailed information on teaching methods for numeracy & phonics, requests for more detailed term content information, better communication about lessons and progress on your child in general & more family learning sessions. This has been fed back and will be taken on board for next term.
  • SPS & Parent Council have been working collaboratively on a parent questionnaire which should be circulated in Term 1. This will include issues which have been raised at Parent Council in recent years & your feedback would be very beneficial.

Please be assured that all feedback which is received via your class/parent council reps is anonymised & discussed at the Parent Council meetings.  You may not always get a personal response but you can check the minutes of past meetings which should be circulated by your PC reps & are also on the PC website.  (We currently have a technical glitch with the minutes from April & May but hope to resolve this by next term). There are plans to update parents more frequently about PC matters from next term.

If you have a question or issue about school life you wish to discuss and are unsure where to go, please check the Parent Information page on the school website which contains helpful information.

Wishing you all a happy summer holiday.

The Parent Council