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Sevenoaks Primary School

SevenOaksPrimary School

‘We are all equal and our teachers are all kind’ (Pupil quote)-– Ofsted 2017
Pupils are proud of their school and enthusiastic about their learning-Ofsted 2017
Pupils feel safe and said that they trust there is always an adult they can go to if they feel concerned-Ofsted 2017
Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish, both academically and emotionally-Parent
We are very proud to say that our children go to Sevenoaks Primary-Parent
Pupils achieve well at this school-Ofsted 2017
Although it is a large school, a real family feel is fostered - it is palpable-Parent

Sevenoaks Primary School Association (SPSA)

The SPSA is playing a leading role in the fundraising drive by donating the majority of their fundraising to the New Build appeal.

‘We have an exciting opportunity ahead of us at SPS and should make the most of this.  I would like us to unite as a community to support this initiative and work as a team to raise the necessary funds.  The money we raise not only supports the children currently in Sevenoaks Primary but we are also hoping to build a school for all our future children.  Your continued support is much appreciated and I look forward to seeing you at future SPSA events.’

If you have any great ideas for fundraising or how you would like to play a part in the New Build Scheme, please contact by email:

How can you help?

Any contribution would be gratefully received.

Tax Efficient Giving

The SPSA is recognized as a charity for tax purposes and claims tax relief through the HMRC Gift Aid scheme. Did you know your gifts to the school can be boosted in a number of ways?


For individuals, the value of your gift is maximized by giving via the HMRC Gift Aid Scheme, through a payroll scheme or pension.

Full details can be found here:

Gift Aid Scheme

If you are a UK taxpayer, the SPSA receives an additional £2.50 for every £10 you give. We simply need a Gift Aid declaration from you to enable us to claim the tax back.

If you pay income at the higher rates, you can include your Gift Aid contributions on your Self Assessment tax return as you can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax (40% or 45%) and the basic rate (20%) on the total gross value of your donation.

For example, if you donate £100, the total value of your donation to the charity is £125.

You can claim back:

£25 – if you pay tax at 40% (£125 x 20%). Therefore, the gift worth £125 to the SPSA has cost you £75

£31.25 – if you pay tax at 45% (£125 x 25%). Therefore, the gift worth £125 to the SPSA has cost you £68.75

You can donate to the New Build Fund here:

Payroll Giving & Corporate Matched Giving

Hundreds of companies run payroll giving schemes and many of these match or even double any donations their employees make to charity.

Through payroll giving your donation is deducted from your salary before tax. Each £1 you give may only cost you 80p, 60p or even 55p depending on your tax rate. Your employer will deal with this and in many cases match your payment. It is a convenient method of giving as you do not have to report it on your tax return. Please check with your HR department to see if this option is available to you.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Thank you for your support